Alternative Spring Break Day 6: Snow Day!

So, today was wonderful and sad.  Wonderful because we all woke up to snow!!

image1 (2) But sad because all of our site visits were cancelled for the day because of the ice on the roads.  Today, we were supposed to go back to the Rochelle Center (and I was really excited to serve in another room and have new experiences with new individuals) and go to a dress rehearsal for SENSE Theater (the theater that was started by the lady we received a lecture from yesterday at Vanderbilt).

So, instead of those two activities, we had a pretty lazy day.  We all woke up a bit later and went to one of the few places that was open: The Johnny Cash Museum. One of our group members, Sydney, was sooo very excited to get to do this.

Sliding on the beautiful snow-covered sidewalks of Nashville, we made it in one piece to the museum.


Aren't they beautiful models?

Aren’t they beautiful models?

But not before I murdered Stephanie with an icicle (I was part of the Mafia the night before).

The murder weapon

The murder weapon

The murder

The murder

I actually really enjoyed the museum because they had a lot of videos of his songs to peruse.  And, they had a movie showing clips from all the movies and tv shows that Johnny Cash was in–that was pretty funny:)

image4 (2) Afterwards, we all went to the delicious Goo Goo shop.  They had free samples and a wonderfully funny guy working the register who enticed us all with his speech to buy some goo goo clusters.  If you’ve never heard of a goo goo cluster, they are the candy of Nashville.  Inside a layer of chocolate is peanuts, caramel, and marshmallow nougat.

Goo Goo Cluster Original 4

And because they sold them, I just HAD to buy a glass bottle of coke…

image5 (2)

Yes I was raised in Atlanta, where there is and should never ever be such a thing as Pepsi.

The rest of the day was pretty lazy: some of us stayed inside and worked on homework while other people visited some galleries downtown.  And then we played some Cranium and had delicious rice and beans made by Paige and Sydney.

Since this is a decently short post, I’ll tell you guys about some of the fun randomness from our trip that doesn’t quite fit in anywhere.

So, when we got to Nashville, all of us for some reason decided to adopt the most country accent you’ve ever heard.  But no one else took up this challenge as much as Stephanie.  Throughout the whole trip, she hardly abandoned her accent and she feared that it had become a part of her, or maybe that this was her true accent all along…

And we all decided, because of our incessant playing of it, that FourFiveSeconds by Rihanna is our theme song for our trip.

Oh, and some people received some awesome nicknames.  Kiana, one of our site leaders, was called Rihanna, even accidentally by someone outside of our group.  Rebekah got the lovely nickname of Becky, which can only be said in a loud country accent.

As you can tell, we were all good friends by the end of the trip:)


2 thoughts on “Alternative Spring Break Day 6: Snow Day!

  1. Sorry your site was cancelled, but sounds like you made the best of a disappointing situation. Madeline, even when holding that dangerous, deadly icicle there’s no way I’d peg you as a murderer. However, I might murder someone for one of those GooGoo Clusters. The sunglasses definitely bumped you gals into having the model look. So enjoyed your musings and monkeyings on your alternative spring break. Welcome home. G

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